Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So We Bought An RV.......

Yes, you heard me right. A Class C RV is parked on the side of our house. I admit, I've always wanted one of these, but now here it is in plain sight of where I sit. We had one years ago, an older clunker from the 80's (the good ol' days). Then we traded up to the "Roo" a new hybrid trailer with pop out beds at each end. So nice inside with heated mattresses and stainless steel appliances. Till the crash, then the "Roo" was destroyed, along with our Tundra. But, we were alive and that was all that really mattered. Still shell shocked from the crash but not wanting to forfeit our whole summer, we purchased a new pop up tent trailer. It was very nice and practical and surprisingly roomy inside with a slide out dining area. We used that about 4 times and then got another itch just about a week ago. With our growing family, we wanted to jump in and go. Not having to worry about hooking up anything to anywhere. So when we found a motorhome we really liked in Los Angeles a week ago, Paul said we better try to sell our trailer first. Which we did, one day before we left back to L.A. and Legoland. We now had our down payment money and we picked it up the day we headed back home from our trip. Before that, at the Hotel, I woke up at 2:30 am with what I would classify as "buyers remorse" feelings. Did we do the right thing? It's an economic down time...what are we thinking? Aren't we supposed to be cutting back and pinching pennies in the state of the economy? And here we were buying a Motorhome, it was used but only a few years old. The thoughts raced in my mind for 3 hours till I finally had to pray for peace. As we headed home and I followed my husband in our van through the L.A. traffic, I had time to reflect (I know who can really reflect in L.A.nightmare traffic). He was ahead of me, driving the RV. A message fell over my heart and it said "Do not worry, it is only money". The message also said that it was more important, especially in this day to find a common bond, something to bind your family together. Today arrows are being pointed directly at your family, wanting your family to succumb to the pressures of marriage and raising children. Separation, divorce are the new "norm". As the saying goes, it takes work to make a successful marriage. Well, the same goes for a successful family. It takes work. It was up to us to create loving memories for our family. And as I followed the RV, I could envision the reflection of my children's faces smiling in the big window in the back of the RV. Waving back at me, I could almost hear them saying "Mommy, we are having the time of our lives". These memories to come would not be most appreciated until their adulthood, however I knew that in time, they would become priceless. From that moment on, I left my worries to God and I knew we had some good times ahead of us. Live life, love now for one day tomorrow will not be.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Filing a missing persons report on myself

Hello Operator, I'd like to file a missing persons report on myself. Sometimes that goes through my head when I wonder where my former body went. I have to admit that I'm at the stage where I wont look at myself in the mirror, well my body at least. There is no department store dressing room try on's in my future. Now I finally get that! The 3 children I joyfully brought into this world have taken a toll on my physical being. You have to understand, I grew up the skinny chick. Always one to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I pleased. It was like this BC, or before children. I was the one that people said "I hate you, your so skinny". I never really liked that comment. It would be okay with me if someone said that now. I'm not overweight by any means. Let's say that I am pulling in at under 120, however on a small frame a pound goes a long way. My goal is 110, 105 if I'm really optimistic. It's definitely within reach but I just don't have the will power to stay motivated. Oh yeah, and have you met my must have mommy at every moment Sabrina?
I stay active by picking up all the crap she leaves on the floor and by picking her up and getting her down from places she doesn't belong. This goes on ALL day and in my mind these are repetitions right? Now, I have much to be thankful for and when I look at my once perky boobs, I am thankful. When I look at my no longer flat belly, I am thankful and when I look at the beauty scars that were given to me through birthing, I am thankful. Those are scars I can live with because the one's who gave them to me I can't live without. Come to think of it, I like this body. It tells a story and it is a beautiful one indeed.
Hey, Operator uh, cancel that report, the missing person has been found.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Life in Sweats

Another day, another pair of sweats. I've got a collection that I like to refer to as my "couture" line of sweatpants. Okay, you must admit these are the most comfortable active wear when you are doing hours on end of Mommy exercise like laundry and washing dishes, great upper body strengthening by the way. Already this morning I've bent down three separate times to pick up scrambled eggs off the floor. That must be good for my glutes, right?
Earlier today during breakfast my kids asked me "Mom, what is that white stuff on your face?". It was a good thing they reminded me that I had toothpaste on my face. A little beauty secret that I use to dry out pimples. I could have easily jumped in the van on the way to drop my children off at school, all the while smiling with white paste on my chin. It would be this day that the Principal would spot me and want to come over to say something about the next school council meeting. Why am I getting pimples anyhow? I mean, I'll be 38 years old next week and I'm three kids in (and done by the way). Haven't I earned my stripes to a clear, glowing complexion? What's a Mom to do? And now, I'm here with a rambunctious 1 year old that needs Mommy every moment of the day. Where am I to find the time to blog? As it is, just to write this much I have a storm sitting behind me which consists of a whole stack of Uno cards, domino's and a Littlest Pet Shop game all spewed across the floor just waiting to be picked up. When that no longer became interesting, which was about a whole ten minutes, Trader Joe's Honey Nut O's became my saving grace. At least for another ten minutes. Tomorrow, maybe that's what I should write about: Another Day, another Cheerio.